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Welcome to Mobilize Optometrists

We now form part of the Golden Vision Group. Mobilize was established in 1994 and has grown into a market leader in the field of Corporate Optometry. Our mobile teams of optometrists & optical dispensers travel to corporate and industrial clients and conduct visual screenings, as well as comprehensive eye examinations.

Additional services include…
Driver’s license certificates issued on request
Industrial & safety eyewear.

Full-spectrum testing and reporting on forklift drivers/company drivers  as per safety legislation.
Confidential reports on screenings are supplied on request. Discovery Vitality Glaucoma screening.

Invest in Corporate health & wellness
Recent studies (CAMS survey) revealed that sick absenteeism costs South Africa approximately R19 billion per year.
Most companies are now choosing to invest in their employees’ health & wellness as it is vital for sustainable growth and profitability.
We have found that more than80% of people, who work on computers for more than 3 hours a day,
suffer from symptoms of eyestrain.
This could have an adverse effect on productivity and accuracy.
Our on-site presence will enhance your corporate wellness programme.
Some of our valued clients include:
IBM, Arcellor Mital, PPC, De Beers, ITC, Mutual & Federal, Murray & Roberts and MSA.

Our Mission Statement
We aspire to be first in the minds of customers when choosing quality eye care and wellness solutions.  We are committed to building lifelong, caring relationships with our valued customers and believe in personalised service through professional advice and specialisation in high performance eyewear underpinned by ethical values.

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